Noah T

Oct 9, 2021

5 min read

Sin City: A New and Upcoming Metaverse that is Poised to Change the Game

New games come out every year, but the world of blockchain has opened up potential for advancements that are ready to change the way that we view games forever. With virtual worlds joining the blockchain space, new potential is being introduced for gamers and the worlds that they like to inhabit. One game, Sin City, is ready to rise to the challenge and bring a brand-new virtual world that gamers are going to love spending time in.

What is Sin City?

Sin City is a new virtual world and game where players can spend time in the most controversial cities in the world. In this world, digital real estate is available for purchase, offering players a chance to build a brand-new life. Users can buy their own real estate within the game and make the decision to develop and build their own empires. Of course, the main catch is that these players are not alone.

In the game, players will aim to become the ultimate Kingpin. They will use real estate and interactive dynamics to create their very own empire — built from scratch. This highly social platform is designed to bring people together, for better or worse. In the game, users can build clubs for their friends to hang out, venues for custom online events, and they can also compete in various underworld activities. Each one is designed to help players to win in-game rewards from the offered play-to-earn games. Blockchain makes this all possible.

What You Need to Know About this New Game

With Sin City ready to take the world by storm, it is important for users to understand what to expect. While Sin City does rely on core gaming principles, the environment and focus of the game itself can be a bit of a change from the standard game options that are currently available. Let’s explore what this means for players.

How it Works

Using in-game currency, players can explore Sin City and its play-to-earn model. Interactions with the game are largely focused on the various underworld activities that players can try out. With 15,000 available plots of land, Sin City offers space for plenty of players to make big moves and create their own empires.

Within the game, players can travel to places like Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, and other well-known areas. These controversial spots offer land, which players can rent or purchase. Each purchase includes all of the underlying properties. Over time, users can build their own empires and generate their own assets so they can continue to grow. In the Sin City Marketplace, assets can be purchased and sold depending on the interests of the individual.

The Map

In Sin City, there are four distinct focuses: private land, districts, public land, and roads. Private land can be owned, purchased, or traded on any of the secondary markets. Owning or renting private land is highly encouraged for the outcome of the game.

Districts develop when private land is purchased by people who want to be neighbors with those around them. To accomplish this, there must be a shared goal for the area.

Public land is used as a place to spawn or a place to meet. These areas are open to everyone and generally act as a meeting space between other areas. In these spaces, players can interact with each other and other elements within the game world.

Roads offer more freedom, just like public lands. These areas are places that are still in progress, but they are also open spaces. Using roads, players can visit shops, casinos, and other public places that they might want to explore.

The Ecosystem

By design, Sin City is a 3D action-thriller game that has been modeled after some of the most controversial cities in the world. Given the game’s focus on crime and conquering, this seems like an appropriate way to invite people into these exciting spaces.

This play-to-earn game is not a simple ecosystem that players can explore. In reality, it is much more intense than that. Laced with violence and gore, the path to becoming a Kingpin is not quite as simple as users might expect. Bringing together realistic imagery and high-level voice acting, Sin City will invite players into some of the most dangerous spaces that they might ever encounter. With easy-to-use chat, players can communicate with their friends and those in their districts.

Virtual Casinos

Within Sin City, visitors can head over to Las Vegas to participate in games at the virtual casinos. Built on the Matic layer for gasless transactions, these games offer a space for players to cut loose and have some fun at their own risk. Social bets make for a fun and interactive space where players can be more fully immersed.

Token Utility

Within Sin City, there is a focus on $SIN tokens, the native currency within the game. This currency is used for the underworld activities and can help with purchases in the game. As a player’s token balance grows, they will be able to do more in the game.


Sin City will launch with a token presale to raise funds for development and liquidity. This involves an IDO raise to ensure that there is proper game development and high-value proposition available down the line. With this launch, players can begin to take on Sin City on their own terms.


Developed by the legendary Vulcan Verse development team, Sin City aims to offer a groundbreaking ecosystem that is poised to offer players an endless amount of fun. While players compete to become the Kingpin, they will learn more about the game — and the Kingpin is never permanent. As more time passes, players can learn how to play more effectively and compete for the coveted spot in the game. Until someone claims the position, everyone will be grappling to earn more, generate more, and claim more. Sin City will offer a completely new way to embrace online games using modern technology.

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