Panther Protocol — Ultimate Privacy

How we can maintain privacy amidst growing regulations within cryptocurrency spaces.

It is no secret that the word cryptocurrency is buzzing around in every major technology space. Right now, the cryptocurrency market is taking over headlines in every magazine and news site around the world. As more people strive towards a future where cryptocurrency and key blockchain solutions are becoming a part of daily life, there is a distinct need for security. Since this market is largely built on privacy, it is important to ensure that information remains safe, particularly as more people join in. Panther protocol just might have the solution that public blockchain enthusiasts have been looking for.

What is the Panther Protocol?

At its core, Panther is a completely unique end-to-end privacy protocol that has been designed specifically to protect digital assets. Now that the world has drifted into an era that is fueled by technology, more individuals and companies are leaning on digital assets for their needs. We live in an age where private information is only as private as the digital space where it is being held. With Panther, users can rest easy knowing their information is completely secure in a way that meets individual platform standards.

The Versatility of Panther

Even though Panther was designed to provide a privacy solution for the protection of digital assets, it is a highly versatile tool. Panther can be deployed on any public blockchain and used to completely secure the information being passed through it. However, the standard of protection can vary depending on the needs of the user.

Panther allows users to gain access to the tools that they need to show their transaction history in the event that it is required to remain compliant with local regulations. With this powerful decentralized protocol, users can keep digital assets completely secure while remaining perfectly in compliance, making it highly beneficial for users of all kinds.

How it Works

Panther works by providing private interoperability between the public blockchains that it is deployed on. This allows for information to be passed between them safely without offering up digital assets that should otherwise remain secure. Panther achieves this by breaking the link between the sender and the receiver using zAssets.

The collateral for zAssets are managed through a completely original GateKeeper Network, which not only adds security, but actively checks for potential risks. Cryptocurrency is currently under scrutiny for its potential use in illicit activities. With the GateKeeper Network, users can rest easy knowing that the collateral for zAssets is coming from a legitimate and legal source.

The Takeaway

Panther was designed to ensure that safety and security can be achieved while working with public blockchains. It presents a unique way to guarantee the security of digital assets while also helping users to remain in compliance depending on local regulations. As we see more of a push for regulation within the cryptocurrency space, privacy protocols that offer security while remaining in legal compliance will become more important. Fortunately, the team at Panther protocol is ready to help users with these needs.