Instaraise: The First-Ever Decentralized IDO Platform on Tezos

Instaraise is entering a new space as a decentralized Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform that is designed to help companies to raise funds for various projects. Using a swap pool, Instaraise empowers creators and business owners to bring together a simplified space for their contributors to assist with funding. Packed with a long list of modern features, Instaraise makes it easy for you to secure funding for your next big project.

What is Instaraise?

At its core, Instaraise is a crowdfunding platform built on the most modern technology that is currently available. Using what has been defined as Fixed Swap Pools, Instaraise offers advantages for investors and business owners alike. This platform was made to offer key advantages over traditional fundraising models like ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs by offering tokens through simple auctions.

Instaraise offers an infrastructure that creates a simplified connection point for project owners and investors. It provides a simple interface that offers security and comfort during these interactions. With a commitment to on-chain transparency, Instaraise handles the agreements so project owners can focus on securing the funds they need.

What Makes Instaraise Special?

It isn’t a secret that fundraising needs are at an all-time high. With new creators and business owners making incredible products every day, countless individuals need funding for their projects. Instaraise aims to provide a premier platform for these needs in a few key ways.

Token Price Consistency

On Instaraise, token prices are a happy guarantee. Individuals interested in funding a new project can participate in Fixed Swap Pools that offer a fixed purchase rate for tokens. This ensures that the dedicated token price will remain the same throughout the sale until the initial supply is bought. Upon completion, the project owners can revisit the future of their fundraising endeavors.

IDO Launchpad and Incubation

The IDO model is a well-known successor of traditional fundraising models. With Instaraise’s IDO platform, which has been built on top of the Tezos, fundraising models change in a substantial way. This approach offers better liquidity of crypto assets with fair trading that is fast, open, and easy to understand.


Instaraise has big goals, and one goal is to offer exclusive products for those who participate in the marketplace. This platform will join exclusive initial digital offerings by holding what is known as $INSTA tokens. This launchpad will partner with creators and business owners to provide the best digital offerings available.

Project Assistance

At the center of Instaraise’s strategy is a collection of successful creators and projects. To aid in this, Instaraise will offer support for marketing needs, marketing strategies, technical advice, and more. The goal is to focus on projects that show a strong love and understanding of the future for DeFi.

Presale Transparency

As a group, Instaraise believes in complete transparency. For this reason, the platform will offer complete transparency regarding how a sale is conducted. Important information is available to all investors, allowing investors to see the sale price, sale progress, and the length of the lock on liquidity for each project.

Smart Contracts

Investments require dedication and commitment. With Instaraise, this is easy because of the provided smart contracts. These contracts automatically send proceeds directly to Quipuswap. This means that the LP tokens are immediately locked in with the smart contract. Running presales and locking liquidity on the Tezos chain is simple because of these contracts. Even better, these important steps are fully automated, which makes it increasingly difficult for bad actors to cause problems for investors or project owners.

Auto Liquidity Locking

In order to help project owners get the most out of their fundraiser, Instaraise offers auto liquidity locking with its presale factory. These tokens are sent instantaneously to a locked contract for the agreed-upon period of time. These terms are outlined in the contract for added ease.

Instaraise is in complete control of lockup, which means investors and project owners alike can rest easy knowing that the agreement is in good order. Users can rely on the platform to ensure that everything is working as it should be. By decentralizing and democratizing the presale system, Instaraise creates dynamic presale contract factories that can be combined in a simple user interface.


Instaraise is a new platform that offers a completely original point of connection between project owners and investors. Using this platform, everyone can benefit from a simple interface that provides a space for projects to be showcased in all of their glory while offering a safe and secure space for investments to be made. With new technology and easy-to-follow directions, Instaraise is prepared to present the future of fundraising and crowdsourcing efforts in a way that offers users something extra. Built upon Tezos, Instaraise is here to help bring about the next generation of big projects and ideas using the best technology available.

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